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FlowerAdvisor adalah toko bunga online pertama dan terbesar di Indonesia. Toko bunga yang berlokasi di Jakarta ini menyediakan aneka ragam pilihan hadiah untuk berbagai macam acara. Menyediakan bunga mawar buket, hadiah ulang tahun, bingkisan hari raya dan lainnya.


Rachel Lam

Rachel Lam from Singapore

Tips: Tulis pengalaman berbelanja disini. Dengan berbagi pengalaman, kamu membantu penjual dan pembeli lain. Mengapa memilih angka di atas? Apa yang Anda suka atau kurang suka?


Betty from New York

I sent flowers to my Mum in the France, as I live in New York. She called me to thank for the beautiful tulips. She said they were wonderful and very beautiful. Thank you so much. Those flowers meant alot to my Mum.


Raymond from Minneapolis

I want to thank you sooooooo much for the excellent job on the flower arrangement you did for my fiancée. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Philippe from Singapore

Pleasantly surprised that a bottle of 1999 Dom Perignon champagne is actually cheaper than a similar one sold in Cold Storage Jelita. Great prices & it includes delivery to my home. Fantastique


Charlene from Singapore

Just would like to feedback on the service provided. Have enquired on Monday (24 Mar 08) via the online help and Si'En was there to assist. My wedding is on Sunday (30 Mar 08) and I needed flowers fast! Was very appreciative of the time that Si'En dedicated to helping me customise my order. I think it took like half a day. From morning till after lunch time. Took a load off my mind after I've made the order. Just want to thank floweradvisor.com for helping me take care of my wedding needs!

Tim Omatic  |  lihat fb

Thankyou very much for your service. I recently sent my girlfriend flowers on the other side of the world, and they arrived with 1min to spare. She was absolutely blown away by them. They where the blue roses. So thanks again for you services:)

Kévin Bouillard  |  lihat fb

Hello FlowerAdvisor Thank you because you make my girlfriend happy the October 11 Was my first order with you and not the last ;) Thank you

Pauline Gong  |  lihat fb

Hi Flower Advisor It is our first time and we are very happy with your good service. Firstly you write to acknowledge payment and to reconfirm the address. You even took the trouble to call up the recipient to ensure that the timing of sending the condolences flowers were timely and appropriate. I would recommend you and would use your services again! Felix Gong

Sylvia Ng  |  lihat fb

Thank you for the beautiful flowers that were sent to Ms Charlene Ng this morning. It is very beautiful and she is one happy lady.

Vennila Ramaswamy  |  lihat fb

Thanks for the service.Really made our day special.

Sylvia Ng  |  lihat fb

I have only used Flower Advisor services. So far, except for one small incident which was attended professionally by them - I am very pleased with them. They have brought great joy to my loved ones here in Singapore and away. A 'BIG THANK YOU' to all at Flower Advisor.

Radha Parthiban  |  lihat fb

Floweradvisor tks for making Mr Md Noor day cheerful. Your service had been good, the reason I always go to you for my hampers for occasions. Thank you.

Lucy Richardson  |  lihat fb

Excellent customer service and next day delivery in Singapore - will definitely use again.

Suwendi Huang  |  lihat fb

Att Zac, a huge thank you for organizing my order. Well done !!! Suwendi

Fendick Marta  |  lihat fb

Excellent service, sent flowers to China, delivered on time! Thanks FlowerAdvisor!

Andy Kwek Baozhi  |  lihat fb

Good Service and prompt delivery, not as expensive as well. Recommended

Julie Rae  |  lihat fb

ordered champagne to be deivered from Scotland to Singapore - went without a hitch thanks to Flower Advisor - would recommend their service !! :)

Stephanie Acker  |  lihat fb

I had an excellent experience with FlowerAdvisor and it came through today in the delivery of five gorgeous bouquets! I wasn't sure what I wanted, and your representative Natasha was fantastic. She helped me to figure out what I needed, made sure I could get the delivery a little early and worked with the team to make each bouquet unique. It was a great experience, and I will definitely be coming back. Well done!

Rashel Chua  |  lihat fb

Customer service/communication was good. The flowers were BEAUTIFUL. I bought a 'Mama' hand bouquet for my mum's b'day and she loved it. It was even prettier than the picture on the website! Thanks! Would recommend you guys!

Shahzad Ahmed  |  lihat fb

Am Zad, Thank you v much for the delivery in Indonesia, really its worth it. value of money, thank u v mcuh.


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