PinkEmma's Vision is to Liberate Everyday Good Style. We believe that every woman has the right to quality and affordable lifestyle.
PinkEmma's team of fashion stylists compiles inspiring and delightful fashion items for women to wear this week, the weekend, or on that special day. It's the everyday style for working, for clubbing, for dining, and for winding down on Sundays. At PinkEmma we become your fashion stylist.
We want all members of PinkEmma to share what they like with their friends. Let's liberate everyday good style!
Good style is for every woman every day.
Oh, and by the way, we are located in Jakarta and Bandung, both of which are lovely cities in Indonesia.
Now curious to see who we are and how we look like?


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  • Whatsapp: 0857-9592-3538

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