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Baju Cantik, Kualitas Mall, Di Bawah 100 Ribu.

Baju Cantik, Kualitas Mall, Di Bawah 100 Ribu.



Affordable price, good stuff, and friendly service

Overall are good and okay for product and price also friendly staff... Disadvantage: 1) since sale stock has new website. I was registered first time as member to get 10% discount. But when I wanted to buy again the second time, I forgot my password and I tried to regain my password which follow the instruction of forget password. And I have made sure 3x I did type the new password correctly, it did not work. I think and affirm that the system needs to be checked and figured out. You have new website to easier the costumer to navigate your products, but you also need to able to figure out about this technical trouble. 2) Because I can't order from website, I ordered from facebook, the assistant is responsive and friendly, she helped me to get my order. But she couldn't answer about the problem no.1. Until now, I can't sign into your website. It will probably limit the efficiency to buy your products in future. How can I get logging in until now? If your system can't fix it. 3). After ordering, she asked me to wait the goods to come. It was very fast and responsive, but just wondering, she does not give me the shipment's consignment number. She just asked me to wait, the goods will come. It did come, but without auto sent the consignment number, it does not sound professional. 4) I am satisfied with the products and price :) plus helpful assistant in placing the order... thanksss.

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