The story of unomax begins from our enthusiasm for high quality gadget accessories. We always believe that our precious gadgets also need to be appreciated with the best accessories that match them. Here’s why we want to provide you with only the highest quality case and screen protector for your gadgets. Our Q&A team has tested each item that we sell on unomax to meet your highest expectation. We also make sure that our product will only come from the authorized distributor to ensure its authenticity.

Our commitment is to provide you with the best service and product yet affordable price. Also our team will try their best to give customer support via email, SMS, messenger apps, or even phone calling to explain the details of our items. We would love to see your testimonial and review about the products we provide and even our service. Don’t forget that you can always ask for voucher code after giving us testimonial.


Hendrick Yang  |  lihat fb

Satu dari Unomax yg patut disalutkan itu ada Packaging yg di ambil extra step oleh bos nya. Extra secure (bubble-wrapped) and rapi hahaaha thanks Hendy Sutanto

Adie Retno  |  lihat fb

10 jempol buat unomax jam berapa bbm tetep aja fast respon, ramah , sabar, rekomendasi banget pokoknya gak bakalan kecewa sama barang dan mutunya, thx bro

Sammy Jianto  |  lihat fb

Pesanan Tyrex buat HTC One sy baru tiba td sore, mantap deh pelayanan cepat dan ramah. Cuman belum bisa kasih review, karena blm dipasang Tyrex nya, One nya mau msk ke SC dolo masalah PT :v

Gunar Kasimir  |  lihat fb

I just got my Tyrex Super Screen Protector today and it really works. Almost no finger print or smear. Now I'm not scared anymore when I accidentally hit the screen on something, or I put the phone in my pocket and there is my key in the pocket as well, because I can be rest assured it will now be protected. The screen is also very clear and shiny and easily visible at any angle or light condition.


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